1. What is a Digital Business Manager (DBM)?

A DBM is someone who helps business owners and entrepreneurs manage remote teams, plan digital projects or launches, and/or set up the behind-the-scenes systems and operations. They manage everything and anything necessary for a business and team to grow and thrive.

2. How do I work with a DBM?

A DBM can complete any task, as long as they have all the information, instructions, and software available to them online. All DBMs work hours that suit their lifestyle and don’t necessarily have a conventional schedule. However, all your tasks will be completed on time and the way you like them.

3. Do I have to train my DBM?

Our DBMs are already trained and experienced. There is no training required on your part, but since we love to do things your way, it is a great idea to explain to your DBM how you would like tasks to be completed if necessary. 

4. What if I have a high priority question after business hours?

If this is concerning a very tight deadline and you need to connect with us, we completely welcome that. If we are on vacation or OOO, please feel free to reach out anyway and we will do our level best to respond.

5. Do you offer a client referral program?

Yes, we do! For every referred paying client, you will receive 10% from Service #1 (for 1 month), and 15% from Services #2 and #3. Alternatively, those discounts may be converted to free additional services with us!

6. What if I change my mind between the different service rates?

Depending on which service rate we have started with, we can change accordingly. If there are any projects or tasks that will be affected, we can also adjust and ensure that they are completed.